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Sketch Night

Some installation shots of ‘My Dream’ presented at Gallery Sketch night.


My Dream 2009 All Rights Reserved


My Dream 2009 All Rights Reserved

My Dream 2009 All Rights Reserved

My Dream 2009 All Rights Reserved

‘My Dream’ is an animation about the effect of climate change in the Amazon rainforest, a part of
Map Making 2007, RCA.
Directed by Echao Jiang and Verena Hanschke
Music by Kate Newell, Jo Willis
Many thanks to Lisa Hirnsberger


A little something


‘The Hunting’ PV

‘The Hunting’ Exhibition

‘The Hunting’ is a duo exhibition I did together with Zoe Taylor nearly 4 years ago, it was a very interesting experience of combining drawings with installation pieces.

Inspired by metamorphosis, hybrid forms, folk tales and ghosts. ‘The Hunting’ explored the ambiguous relationship between humans and nature. The title of the exhibition was inspired by a poem by Walter de la Mare.

‘O arrows, pierce me not! O horns, be still!
Sweet God, divine compassion have – Or Kill!
– Walter de la Mare


My contribution to Yoonna Choi’s book ‘Place, Practice and Ten Dialogues’

My photographs from Dunhuang and Yadan landform park have been published in Yoonna Choi’s new book ‘Place, Practice and Ten Dialogues’.
The book is a collections of ten interviews with artists and designers from ten different countries who live and work abroad.
Carefully selected and interestingly conducted by Yoonna, the book discusses about many aspects of being ‘foreign’, from its physical conditions such as geographical locations, languages to more philosophical and cultural approaches. The book looks at a the subject from a designer’s point of view which offers many unique perspectives, definitely worth reading.








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