My Dream

The Mihinacu people of the Amazon have lived happily in the rainforest for countless generations, sustaining an isolated of way of life up to the present day. However, like most of the indigenous communities still remaining in South America, their immediate future is now threatened by the ill effects of climate change, rapid deforestation and monoculture. Verena Hanschke and Echao Jiang’s recent short movie “My Dream”, highlights the dangers of environmental degradation in a gorgeous animated montage combining natural and imaginary beauty. Their stunning landscapes conceal a great sadness, as the lush rainforest vistas fade away into dystopian images of environmental catastrophe. A Mihinacu youth swims alongside schools of fish in the warm depths of the Amazon, but far above the river’s surface is littered with felled trees…
– Dean Kissick, Tank Magazine Editor
Animation and Art Direction: Verena Hanschke, Echao Jiang
Sound: Kate Newell
Many Thanks to: Lisa Hirnsberger

All Rights reserved, Royal College of Art 2008


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