Ghost town

My final Project is closely connected with this trip I made back in 2007, the summer before I started my MA at RCA, to the city of DunHuang and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in the wild west of China minaland. The very best memory from the trip was spending a morning in the Yadan landform park. It is an area filled with miraculous sculptures created by our mother nature: a physiognomy landscape formed by Aeolian erosion composed of various standing sandy-stone sculptures formed over a long period of time as the result of the frequent sandy storms in the region. Because of the eeriness of the sound of the wind blowing at night, the locals refer to it as Ghost Town. I can still clearly remember the sound of the wind, it felt as if I was in a closed room when I shouted, but the wind manipulated my voice so It came back in layers and layers of crisp voices, the experience is indescribable.

The pictures I have taken during the trip had later had lots of impact on my creative process when drawing the images for my final project. I found my mind reflecting back to the bizarre landscapes from time to time when trying to come up with ideas for mind images, I have since developed strong interests in studying the relationship between the mind and nature. Sometimes seeing new things can really open up my library of ideas and inspire new thoughts, isn’t it great how one single trip like this could keep me inspired for the next 2 years!





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