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There are far more number of depression cases in the developed world, the number of teenagers suffering from depression is increasing each year.

Depression has become one of the most disabling conditions in the world especially in developed countries.

Mental illnesses are much more complex than physical illneses because they are linked with many social contexts.

Psychaitric drugs can only stablize the styptoms but they can’t cure depression.

Depression is also caused by the lack of communication, things get worse if the voices go unheard.

Why is there such a strong social stigma around depression,

why would people get shamed by telling their honest thoughts?

Where there is society, there is depression,it is a natura and inevitablel disease that can strike any one of us, even the most strong minded ones.

But if we start educating ourselves about the causes and start caring for people around us,

we can prevent it from happening to more of us.

We are all sensitive, so please, be nice 🙂

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Many psychological problems are very closely associated with social conditions, it has already been proven that major depression has become one of the most disabling condition in the world especially in the developed countries. There is an ever increasing number of teenagers suffering from it in the UK and the States, while the number is much smaller in the developing world. According to the Depression, a health organization, many aspects of the western societies breed depression because people can’t get their basic emotional needs such as love and the sharing of thoughts and worries. There is a strong lack of understanding among the public of the concerns and needs that depressed individuals have and those who are likely to suffer from it. Depression sufferers usually experience mixed complex feelings such as guilt and shame on top of their true symptoms as a result of social misunderstanding from people around them. This interferes with their treatment, thus makes things worse. Although many modern drugs have been developed to fight depression, they will only stabilize the symptoms and the level of their effect also depend on the condition and the individuals. To some people, drugs do not help because they constantly experience stress which provokes depression to become persistent.

One should understand that depression is a mental condition caused by many circumstances, many are inevitable social situations; Even the most strong – minded ones can get struck by it. Self education and community support are very important, they contribute a great deal to the recovery and prevention of depression and other mental illnesses. There’s definitely an urge to come up with a new social system or a kind of platform for the information to be carried out. It is not just for people with problems to be given an option of healthy alternative treatments, it also promotes the awareness among the general public.


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